Meet Our Therapists

Jason Hill, LCSW

Licensed Therapist

When we become willing to openly discuss whatever is troubling us with an experienced and understanding professional, things change.  And change is good!  You and I will determine what your goals are, what motivates you, and what is working well for you already.  By focusing on solutions, instead of problems, we can improve mood, self-esteem, relationships, self-concept and more in a relatively short period of time.  We can also discover how our past experiences color our thoughts and feelings about the present, and decide whether or not these thoughts and feelings are working for us and if not, I will help you to find a new way forward.

"Action is a high road to self-confidence and esteem. It comes readily to most people and its rewards are tangible. The cultivation of the spirit is elusive and difficult and the tendency toward it is rarely spontaneous, whereas, the opportunities for action are many."

Training and Education

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York State. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree  in Music Performance from Oberlin Conservatory and a Masters’ Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University.  I take a client-centered and solution-focused approach, utilizing a blend of cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic styles.  I focus on uncovering what motivates my clients, as we build on what is already working.

I am trained to work with adults, primarily though I also work with older adolescents.  I have received training and work experience at several agencies in New York City, including Mt. Sinai Beth Israel, Inter-Care, Argus Community, START Treatment and Recovery Centers, CHE Behavioral Health, and Metropolitan Center for Mental Health. 

Over the course of my 12 years of training and work in this field, I have practiced in different settings and with a diverse clientele.  However, I have specialized in community-based outpatient clinics. I have a special interest in working with artists and musicians and with those struggling with substance mis-use. 

Jason has helped me with depression and anxiety and using better coping. He is sensitive and caring. He made me feel really understood and listened to. I really recommend him.

- Verified Patient

Jason is the best. So knowledgable, so helpful. He listens and gives good advice. Always made me feel comfortable. Helped me undertand my past traumas and deal with my anxiety.

- Verified Patient

Jason has been a friend, a mentor, a cheerleader, a confidant. Someone I can share really personal things with, or even sit in silence with when I dont really know what to say. He handled my sadness and anger and now Im feeling so much happier and better!

- Verified Patient

I was never in therapy before and was nervous to start. Jason made it easy. He is a very caring professional and went at my pace. He helped me with my relationship and to cut down on smoking. He was sensitive even when things were hard for me. Hes a really good therapy.

- Verified Patient