Meet Our Therapists

Gabrielle Schreyer-Hoffman, Ph.D.

Resident Psychologist

Therapy is often sought when feeling lost, overwhelmed or wanting to change parts of ourselves or our lives. In therapy you can learn and grow through understanding internal conflicts and identifying your values, desires and needs. We all struggle with destructive forces that impede us from achieving our goals and living authentically. In therapy, I work collaboratively with you to understand the destructive and constructive thoughts and behaviors, the ways they impact your life and how these forces can be modified or built upon to create positive change. Additionally, we will embark on a journey toward self-awareness, where we gain insights into the ways in which your past and present impacts your outlook, view of self, and way of thinking and being. I will help you to enhance self-understanding and awareness, increase your free will and your ability to cope with present challenges by implementing different treatment modalities and techniques.  With a curious, genuine, empathetic and nonjudgment stance, I work collaboratively with my patients to help them achieve their goals and increase self-understanding.

"There is no good reason why we should not develop and change until the last day we live."

- Karen Horney

Training and Education

I am a post-doctoral Psychologist resident. I received my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and my Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology from Fordham University. I am eclectic in my therapeutic approach utilizing psychodynamic and person-centered therapy as well as CBT, ACT, DBT and mindfulness techniques. I received specialized training in eating disorder and body-image/body dysmorphic disorder treatment modalities, such as Maudsley Family Based Therapy, Mirror Exposure Treatment and Enhanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders. 

I have served diverse patient populations of all ages, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds throughout my training. I have received clinical training at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Eating and Weight Disorders Program, Mount Sinai – Beth Israel’s Child, Adolescent and Family Program, Columbia University Medical Center, Pace Counseling Center, Renfrew Center, Neuropsychology Associates, and the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. I completed my penultimate training at the Karen Horney clinic. My eclectic training and experience with children, adolescent, adult and senior patients has allowed me to build a strong clinical foundation for understanding and serving patient’s mental health needs across the lifespan. 

My research had been primarily focused on eating disorders and health psychology. I love working with emerging adult populations and facilitating growth and healing through life transitions. I also enjoy providing group psychotherapy and engaging patients in a collaborative process of self-discovery. 

"Dr. Schreyer-Hoffman was prompt and professional. She was able to listen to my concerns, demonstrated great understanding and was able to help me feel comfortable through the process. I highly recommend!"

- Verified Patient

“Dr. Hoffman has so much understanding and compassion, particularly with eating and personality disorders. I recommend her highly. She is empathic, kind, incredibly professional and is an excellent clinician.”

- Verified Patient

“Dr. G has helped me understand the sources of my anxiety. She has helped me so much. Has made me feel comfortable from day one.”

- Verified Patient

“When my anxiety issues led me to the verge of a full panic attack, Dr. Schreyer-Hoffman was able to schedule me much sooner than normally possible. Her attentive listening and practical but compassionate guidance gave me some instant relief, along with techniques I'll be able to use again. Highly recommended therapist.”

- Verified Patient

“Gabrielle was excellent. She always goes above and beyond. I'm thankful for her.”

- Verified Patient