Meet Our Therapists

Victoria Navarro, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist
There are different parts of us that are hidden from others, wounded, and eager to be validated. I acknowledge, aim to understand, and work towards healing those parts. Therapy with me is relational, collaborative, and non-judgemental. The therapeutic relationship is a space where you can experience a corrective emotional experience that can help you to develop more meaningful and deeper relationships. Ultimately, I will strive to build understanding and insight into your relationships and defenses that are inhibiting them from reaching your full potential.
As a child of immigrants, I was taught that emotion is a sign of weakness. Through my own journey and education, I have come to understand that my parents were not provided the opportunity to access emotions because they had to sacrifice parts of themselves to survive. I strive to help others process and heal from generational traumas and achieve a sense of personal wholeness.
Victoria Navarro

"Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that the better for us all"

Training and Education

Dr. Navarro is a Latina, postdoctoral psychologist. She has a comprehensive background in providing psychotherapy to college students and adults with extensive histories of trauma in various settings in New York. Settings that she has worked in include hospitals, college counseling centers, and outpatient behavioral health centers. Regarding theoretical framework, she has extensive training in psychodynamic and relational theories. Additionally, she has professional and research expertise in intimate partner violence and trauma. 

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Syracuse University. During her undergraduate career, she interned at a Domestic Violence center, which propelled her into seeking a graduate career in psychology to better understand trauma, mental health, and marginalized identities. After completing her undergraduate degree, she began her graduate education at William Paterson University and received her Master’s and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology. As part of her degree, she completed her Doctoral Internship at Pace University’s Counseling Center in NYC.

“ I’ve been working with Jessica for nearly a year and am very grateful for our sessions, especially with the pandemic. She is a great listener and very down to earth. She remembers a lot of small details about my life and has connected many dots for me.”

- Verified Patient

“One of the most thoughtful and professional therapists that I've gone to. She listens carefully and patiently to what you have in mind without presuming anything about your problems and who you are; something that has really annoyed me in my previous experiences with therapists in general.”

- Verified Patient

“Dr. Behr is the absolute best. Brilliant and responsive, her knowledge base and ability to point out things you can't see through the things you say and the way you say them is phenomenal. My time with her has been invaluable, especially during the pandemic.”

- Verified Patient

“Dr. Jess has helped me so much with my anxiety and worry. She helps me see different perspectives on my problems which really helps. She also is always willing to call me and talk to me in between sessions if I need anything or add me to twice a week when I needed it. I really recommend her if your struggling with anything. She will help you.”

- Verified Patient

“I have been rebirthed by the work I'm currently doing with Dr. Behr. She is gentle, kind, always reassuring with the right words or suggestions. She has been a phone call away during times of my distress, a "cheerleader" for my personal and professional development, and reassuring when I doubt myself. She is quick to remind me "you are doing the work, I’m just helping you find what you already have within yourself". But, without her guidance my journey would be a lot more daunting. I walked into her office broken, sad and jaded, today I am healing, hopeful and most importantly happy!!”

- Verified Patient