Meet Our Therapists

Danielle Gardini, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

I provide guidance and support for adults, adolescents, children and couples struggling with their mental health concerns.

I understand how life stressors may get in the way of our goals or mental stamina. I am here to help you along your life journey whether its learning skills, providing supportive coaching, or needing a shoulder to lean on. Together we will discover your personal strengths and aim for continuous self-growth to live an empowered and meaningful life, whether your goals be related to relationships, stress management, career or life transitions.

With my holistic approach I am committed to helping stabilize your overall wellness by strengthening self-care, quality of life, emotional and physical health, interpersonal relationships and healthy routines. 

I specialize in CBT for anxiety-related disorders – specifically: social anxiety, panic attacks, phobia, generalized-anxiety, perfectionism and body image. I also offer Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for Obsessive-Compulsive and related disorders such as Body Dysphoria, skin picking, hair pulling, and hoarding. I also offer DBT for emotion dysregulation

I recognize the uniqueness of each individual and will tailor your treatment goals to fit your pace, needs, and expectations focusing on enhancing your self-awareness and self-compassion. We will collaboratively process past and current life stressors in addition to identifying the coping tools that will fit your needs in a safe and comfortable environment.

"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves"

- Galileo.

Training and Education

I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in New York and Connecticut. I provide evidence-based therapeutic treatment to individuals across the lifespan. I have extensive expertise in the area of CBT, ERP and DBT for severe anxiety-related disorders. I also have clinical experience conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations including psychoeducational and personality testing.

I earned my Doctorate degree in School Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. My practicum experiences allowed for opportunities to work as a School Psychologist in public and private schools; Equine-assisted therapy; ChildNet Foster care; and conduct formal assessments and providing clinical therapy. My internship placement at Centerstone in Sarasota, FL was in an OTP for youth at a community-based mental health center providing individual, family, and group therapy as well as conducting psychological assessments.

My dissertation research focused on school-based mindfulness interventions for children and adolescents. My research areas have focused on publications in OCD, hoarding, and BDD children case studies. My current interest areas include attachment-based modalities, synesthesia, integrative nutrition, complex trauma, energy healing, and sustainable living.

My personal interest involves building a lifestyle surrounded with people and things I enjoy and am grateful for. A few of these being my family, friends, live music, animals, nature, meditation, healthy nutrition, sustainable, and non-toxic living.